The House

Closer to Nature 

The design vision was to keep the land as undisturbed as possible, retaining the existing site contours and trees. The solution was to integrate the structure into the slope, making it part of the landscape so as to maximize contact with nature and keep the site as green as possible.

Green Roof

The structure is conceived as a series of spaces under one flat plane, surrounded by nature. These spaces are sheltered by a green-planted roof that is punctured by numerous openings, creating unity within the house below while blurring the distinction between house and landscape when viewed from above.

“Passive” Design

This is principally a ‘passive’ house, designed to save energy by encouraging minimal air-con use while flooding the interior with diffused natural light. Plants and landscape are such an integral part of this space, growing within and through the structure itself; the overall experience is truly of living outdoors, under cover.

Natural Materials

It is constructed of off-form concrete and fairface brick and ‘wrapped’ in coconut tree-trunk screens, and all structure and materials are openly expressed in the design.