Nearby Sights

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

The imposing rock at Mulkirigala is home to a series of decorated caves and Buddhist temples that date back to the third century. Climb up the 500 or so steps to the very top, skirt around the back of the main temple, and take in the magnificent, vertigo-inducing views of the landscape from the edge of the rock face.

Surf’s up!

Secluded Hiriketiya Bay is just a 10 minute tuk tuk ride from The Walatta House, where beginners and more experienced surfers alike can enjoy the waves almost all year round. The biggest swells come towards the end of the year, but you can enjoy the increasingly hipster vibe any time.

Dondra Head

Perched on the southernmost tip of the island, the lighthouse at Dondra is the country’s tallest. Climb up seven floors into the light room for magnificent views.

Beaches, beaches, beaches!

You’re never stuck for a new beach experience. Just beyond Tangalle town you’ll find Rekawa beach, an almost endless stretch that’s always secluded. Bring a picnic and some drinks and discover the meaning of “getting away from it all.”

Tangalle Town

Tangalle is one of the largest towns in the Southern Province, but still has the atmosphere of a rural village. The local vegetable market sells fresh produce from the region; local fishermen bring their catch here to sell on street barrows; and there’s a long beach with hostels and bar/restaurants where you can just hang out and enjoy the view.