“I don’t know that I have seen our family so relaxed!”

Naomi, Auckland, August 2019

Welcome to The Walatta House

A sense of calm envelops you the moment you step on the gentle slope down to the Walatta House.
The house itself is barely visible here, only glimpses of coconut-tree columns and raw red brickwork peering between the trees and foliage.
Rising from the grassy slope an entryway leads you down through a cool tunnel of natural bricks, before opening out onto a stunning vista: an expansive living space and long infinity pool, looking out onto the wide ocean and the sky beyond as the landscape falls away down to the secluded beach below.


“Impossible to describe in one sentence how lovely this place is!”

SomeoneInSydney, January 2019

Perfect for an Easter getaway!         CHECK AVAILABILITY HERE

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